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Land Surveying

Based in Northern Virginia, CAP’s professionals have 25 years of experience
in commercial and residential construction stakeout, as-built surveys,
ALTA/boundary/topography survey, record and easement plats.

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Surveying Services

CAP professionals have 25 years of experience surveying commercial and residential projects. Please see below for a brief outline of these services.


CAP professionals have 25 years of experience staking commercial and residential projects and have submitted as-built site plans to all jurisdictions in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.

For Associations

Homeowners Associations (HOA) have fast become major land owners in Northern Virginia. Fairfax County alone has over 17,000 acres of land under HOA ownership. With the passage of time, certain HOA’s have begun to see some problems with the maintenance of their land. Previously clear property line divisions, have become unclear. Small trees have become big trees, and the overall limits of the HOA controlled parcels is often in question.

Landscaping maintenance
Where does HOA maintenance end? – and homeowner maintenance begin?

Homeowner fences & walls on HOA property
This can present a maintenance obligation question, especially as owners change periodically.

Tree locations
Who’s responsibility is it for removal of a fallen or dead tree?

For Homeowners

As a home owner, you may need a recently certified house location survey, or you may want to know where your property lines actually are.

About CAP

CAP Land Surveying is owned and managed by Chad Jernigan, Paul Quinlan, Andrea Spagnoli, and Anne Wells. We are a Northern Virginia based professional land surveying firm with extensive experience in most areas of land surveying. Chad and Paul have worked together since 1998, both having previously trained and worked in construction, engineering, drafting and surveying.

Chad and Paul bring a level of expertise and professionalism to every project, with a modern approach that brings the expertise to the site via mobile office.

Please take a read through the various types of survey we provide, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any survey issue. We pride ourselves in providing optimum solutions to our clients, factoring in schedule, accuracy, and budget every time.

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